On this page you can enjoy some online Christian resources.

Gospel Presentation by Billy Graham

Music from the married christian duo Eric & Monique

Self Directed Learning

A Study in Colossians

Click here to view the comprehensive study through the book of Colossians

Video Studies

The following DVD Studies are available for church members. Please speak to Ps Neil Davies to borrow one of these.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Click here to download the study guide

Advanced Bible Studies

Studies by Dr Thomas Constable

Tom Constable, an outstanding bible teacher, has made expositional studies on 25 books of the bible (10 old testament and 15 new testament) as audio files freely available. These detailed studies may be accessed at the following URL: http://planobiblechapel.org/constable-audio-bible-lessons/. Finer, more biblical accurate expositions are not available anywhere in the world. I encourage you to take the challenge, choose a book of the bible and let Tom teach you right through every verse. You will be deeply enriched as you study the Word of the living God with Tom today
Pastor Neil

Read more about Dr Thomas Constable here: https://planobiblechapel.org/tom-constable/


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